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Thursday, December 08, 2005

A Tale of Choices

"It's funny how liberals are in favour of life...except when it comes to abortion!

It's funny how liberals are in favour of choice...except when it comes to mothers who chose to stay at home!"(cont'd @ The Hunter's Blog)
"The biggest problem with society today, is that people blame inanimate objects for problems. Fast Food causes obesity... Cigarettes cause cancer... Carbs make people fat... Fat makes people fat... Pepsi causes cavities... And Guns cause violence."(cont'd @Back Off Government!)

More on guns...

"In my rushed post here after first hearing about the proposed Liberal ban on guns, I forgot to mention possibly the most obvious argument against this. How much will this cost? Canada has about 1 million hand guns (from Coalition for Gun Control). I don't know what the average handgun's market value is, but from a search around Google it seems that if you are paying $300 you are getting a good deal. So there must be guns that are way more expensive than this too. If the government wants to pay the fair market value for handguns, a very conservative estimate would be $500/gun on average. So let's make my almost completed math degree come to use here with this equation:"(cont'd @ Canadian Honky Tonk Bar Association)

Is It Any Wonder?

"Another scandal has just had its lid blown sky high but the Canadian public will not notice. After seeing how little something like the sponsorship scandal did in this country, given that any other democracy would have made sure no Liberal government got re-elected again ever (see Saskatchewan for example) I can't be bothered to even point this one out to friends. Sure there will be some retired/near-retired individuals who lost their life savings in the whole process that will vote against the Liberals but I don't expect much in the way of earthshaking poll changes."(cont'd @ The Hunter's Blog)

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Dan Matheson - Liberal Apologist?

So I just watched the (I guess) nomination ceremony for Michael Ignatieff where he was heckled (which I cannot say I didn’t enjoy) and spewed rhetoric. What I found particularly disturbing was how Dan Matheson decided to editorialize after the news conference finished. I sat here and watched him basically tell the public that “everything will be ok - sometimes grown-ups fight” in regards to the heckler and the “democracy in action” nomination of Ignatieff.
(cont'd @ Spiderman's Web)