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Monday, November 28, 2005


Nobody says it like Garth Turner, the latest member to join our growing list of Southern Ontario Conservative Blogs! Check out his thoughts on the fall of the Liberals earlier tonight:

"As I wrote here below, this is a message so vital to our campaign. We are for the future, and not just against the past. We stand for constructive change, not change merely for the sake of it. It is not worth winning the riding, or the government, if you have to lie to get there – because sooner or later, the lie will be found out."(cont'd @ The Turner Report)

Liberal Canuck: Bush Is Plotting Intergallactic War!

It would be funny, it it weren't true. Because it is, it makes it so, so very sad.
(cont'd @Back Off Government!)

Official Media Corruption

Well, I found more info about the Bell-Globemedia's Liberal election campaign.
The Globe and Mail printed an article that let out the secret life of the owner of the Globe and Mail and CTV, Charles Bird.(cont'd @Vek's Blog)

Friday, November 25, 2005

That angry Stephen!

"Latest from the Liberal Party. "Their political agenda must be the country's agenda"?

Please. This coming from the entitlement crowd is so rich, I'm putting on a few pounds just thinking about it."(cont'd @ Blue Blogging Soapbox)

Staged or Just Plain Crazy?

"Conrad Black vows he’ll be vindicated

You can decide on that one. I claim I will be the next leader of Mars! That doesn’t make it true sadly enough… But I think Conrad Black needs a publicist - a good one - and some serious help if he doesn’t wanna spend the next 40 years in prison. Let this be a lesson to the alleged criminals of the world. Had Mr. Black been head of a crown corporation, governor general, a high level beauracrat or an ad agency executive he would be facing a hard speaking tour or *gulp* an inquiry!"(cont'd @ Spiderman's Web)

Thursday, November 24, 2005

So It Begins...

Today is historic since a non-confidence motion was presented by Stephen Harper in the HoC that isn't based on any particular piece of legislation, wasn't based on preventing any legislation and has no philosophical intentions outside of ridding the people of Canada of a government that is so corrupt that now there's talk that the mob was helping the Liberals for while anyway.(cont'd @ The Hunter's Blog)

Windsor-Tecumseh doesn't need another parrot

It took new Liberal apologist candidate Bruck Easton less than a day to begin parroting the Liberal party line. Windsor-Tecumseh needs someone with conviction who will Stand Up for us, not fall in line.... (cont'd @ Blue Blogging Soapbox)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

New Blogroll

Back Off Government! has started a new blogroll for Conservatives to join. Check out his new project over at his blog...(cont'd @ Back Off Government!)

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Will Coyne Jump the Gun?

"There's a lot of murmuring since Saturday when Andrew Coyne wrote his latest piece in which he suggested that the federal Tories would be sacrificing practicality (and hints at principles too) for popularity if the rumours that the party is set to decrease or eliminate the GST are true. I rather enjoy Mr. Coyne's commentary most of the time, especially when it comes to the role of government but I think that he is a little too edgy this time."(cont'd @ The Hunter's Blog)

Friday, November 11, 2005

The day we all take a break from bashing the armed forces...

"What does Rememberance Day mean to me?

It's the lone day of the year when bands like Green Day stop insinuating that the only reason why people join the armed forces is because they are too poor.

It's the lone day of the year that I stop hearing about how sexist and racist soldiers are."(cont'd @Back Off Government!)

Odd People and End Games

"Scott Brison-This guy doesn't know when he's going too far. When he ran for the 2003 PC Party leadership, the February prior involved an incident in Burlington where he actually got into a fight with a youth in his hospitality suite. This, everyone, is just one of Scott Brison's dirty little secrets. I hope Harper successfully sues the pants off the Minister of Inhuman Resources and will be adding a little something on here later to show my support for his resignation."(cont'd @ The Hunter's Blog)

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Photoshop Fun - Jack Layton

Just some Photoshop practice. I still have a lot to learn, but I'm getting there.

Scary thing about this photo is you could switch the two heads and it wouldn't make much difference. Not sure these days who's the Hustler and who's the 'Hustlee'(cont'd @ Blue Blogging Soapbox)